Monday, 12 May 2014

Champagne wishes lit kit

Champagne wishes lit kit £12.50 available online here
I picked this gorgeous treat up when I went to Peaches and Cream in Liverpool. I have never had one of these before and I thought it would be perfect for my bridal clients who liked a bit of sparkle on their special day! 

First impressions:

I tried this on myself and loved it!! I only put the tiniest bit on and it looked fab! It's is a gold glitter with tiny bits of holographic glitter in too to give it an extra dimension. 

Pros and cons:

This is really simple to use I dabbed the liquid onto my finger then onto my eyelid then dipped the brush into the glitter and tapped it onto my eyelid until I was happy with the amount. There was only a slight fallout off the brush but none came off my eyelid all day! This stuff really sticks on! 


I am happy that I picked this up and after using it on a one of my brides she loved the effect and asked me to get her one! It gives a hint of sparkle without looking tacky or childish. The price is well worth it, if you get to go to Peaches make sure you check out their lit kits and their fine glitters! Or go to to buy online.
A pic of me wearing the glitter:

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Revlon super lustrious lipstick

Revlon Super Lustrious Lipstick in Carnival Spirit £7.49 available online here

I'm a sucker for bright bold lip colours! So when I had a voucher for £2 off any Revlon product I went straight for their new 'Rio Rush Collection' in particular the bright coral/red super lustrious lipstick in Carnival Spirit.

First Impressions:

I hadn't swatched this in the shop and I kind of wish I had, this is not true to it bright coral colour it is very sheer! I had expected this bright pigmented pop of colour but I came out more like a balm. I have never had one of Revlons Super Lustrious lipsticks before so I just guessed they were all like this formula. Don't get me wrong I love the colour and the formula is lovely it just wasn't what I expected. So after getting over the initial 'shock' I applied this onto my lips for work and thought nothing more about it but I seemed to get a few compliments on my lip colour so I guess I had made a good choice!! Although sheer, the coral still shows and it is lovely and feel very comfortable and almost moisturising on the lips. The texture is like a balm and appearance is also like the Lip Butters.

Pros and Cons:

Don't expect a pigmented pop of colour lipstick! Its a beautiful balmy lipstick and a lovely sheer coral colour. Bargain as I had got £2 off so it was £5.49 altogether, pretty decent for a Revlon lipstick. Definitely a nice surprise being a lovely wearable balm-like lipstick rather than one to use for nights out.


I guess the moral is swatch, swatch, swatch!! Although it was a pleasant surprise in the end; just not what I originally expected! Glad I picked it up though and I would definitely pick up another Super Lustrious Lipstick as they feel lovely on the lips.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Glamglow Supermud clearing treatment and Youthmud tinglexfoliate treatment

  Glamglow mask duo £34.95 available online here

The set that I bought is unavailable at the moment but keep checking as its just out of stock!

In a bid to try and clear up a few blemishes I thought I would splurge on this set from Glamglow to help with my problem. I have a few blemishes around my chin that just wont shift and I had heard so much about these masks and the instant wow factor it has.

First Impression:

I definitely think I got a good bargain as just one of these masks can be £40 usually, so for me to get two is fab!! I was so excited to try this as it felt so luxurious to me. I actually have the Youthmud mask already so I know that works. I bought it mainly for the Supermud clearing mask for my blemishes. The packaging is sleek and looks high end, the instructions are there and are really simple to follow. For my first use; I had a shower and straight after I applied the Supermud mask, it still felt thick but a bit smoother than the Youthmud mask. This one doesn't tingle like the Youthmud and it seems to dry a lot quicker. I felt my face tighten quite a bit, it took about ten to fifteen minutes to fully dry and there was quite a lot of darker patches around my blemishes and pores which is where the magic happens it literally draws all your impurities out and you can actually see it! I removed it with a lukewarm muslin cloth and the result was pretty good - my blemishes looked a little less red and angry and also my skin was smoother all over. I think I will use this as an S.O.S skin treatment or on individual spots or blemishes to make it last longer! Having used the Youthmud mask before I will tell you that this is a great mask to use before a night out for its smoothing brightening properties, so that's what I usually do - it is a lot grittier than the Supermud mask which is the exfoliator, it still works like any other mud mask which dries hard and quick. Again, it instantly makes your skin look better and brighter.

The Youthmud mask:

The Supermud mask:

Pros and cons:
Usually the price is around £40 for one full sized mask but I managed to get one full size and a luxury sample sized mask for £34.95 which I felt was a bargain! I felt that this worked instantly so I was extremely happy and after 3 uses my blemishes have started to disappear! I suppose it isn't budget skincare but again like I always say; you pay for quality.
I am so happy with my bargain and would recommend these two masks to anyone who needs to clear up blemished skin or just wants a luxurious mask that makes your skin look bright and feel smoother. They both deliver on quality and I would definitely repurchase if I could pick these up for the same price again!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Illamasqua Gleam; Aurora and cream pigment; hollow

Illamasqua Aurora £20.00 available online here Hollow £17.50 available online here

Ever since I started as a makeup artist I have loved the art of contouring, it's the best way to create that amazing professional flawless look. I usually do a full face of foundation as a base then build up the contour with powders with my clients. Recently I have been experimenting with other products to create this look. I have tried concealers, foundations and stick foundations and loved the effect but felt that I always needed an extra dimension to finish the look.
I was picking up some stuff that I was running low on and thought I would pop into Illamasqua to look at their makeup. The shop is beautiful and the colours of the blusters and lipsticks are amazing, I was talking to the rep in the shop and explained I was looking for a contouring product and something to create a highlight on my cheekbones he pointed me in the direction of these two products. I had seen these before but the price tag had always put me off. I purchased the two products and couldn't wait to see if they were worth the money.

First Impressions:
I felt the consistency and they both felt creamy and very smooth. I applied my foundation as normal then applied hollow with a small blending brush down the sides of my nose, top of my forehead and under my cheekbones. The colour is cool toned so when applied it looks more like a shadow which is exactly what you want from a contouring product. It blended like a dream and once I started to get used to it I found it so easy to apply. I then used aurora on the top of my cheekbones, down the centre of my nose, on my brow bone and top of my cupids bow. I love the colour of this, its a beautiful champagne colour and really picks up the light. This was as easy to apply as hollow and looked stunning.

Left: Aurora Right: Hollow
Pros and Cons:
One of the nicest cream products I have ever used, they are both perfect for highlighting and contouring. The colours are beautiful and work lovely together. I suppose they are expensive but as they are very pigmented you only need a little amount to create the contoured look. I can see these lasting for ages!
I am glad I tried both of these, I am now using them when I have time to properly contour as on an average day I don't have time! I have used these on a few clients and they love the effect. Id say they are definitely worth the price as they will last you ages and create a beautiful contour and highlight.
A picture of me wearing the highlight and contour:


Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Peaches pigments and experience

Peaches pigments £5.95 each available online here
Peaches website:
I had been wanting to visit the Peaches and Cream shop ever since I'd heard of them so I booked a Master class over the phone which was £30 for a tutorial for 3 looks. I went with a couple of friends and we all love makeup so we were super excited to see what they use and their tips and tricks. We were greeted by a girl who took our booking and told us to take a seat whilst they set up. When they were ready we went upstairs to the area where they teach the class. It was so bright, there were so many bulbs everywhere which was fab! The girl who taught the master class was Katie, she was very friendly and confident. and answered any questions you had to ask. She started off with a nude Smokey eye, then showed us a glitter smoke and a full on black Smokey eye. All very dramatic eye looks but done in different ways using varied products. I loved the glitter smoke as it was so different and dramatic. It all went very fast and we all wanted to know everything they used but it felt like a bit of a blur! After the class had ended we were able to look around the shop and make our purchases, I really wanted a few brushes but it seemed they were out of stock of a lot of items. I chose to go with the pack of their five pigments which were £18 as we had 10% off on the day (price is usually £20) and a lit kit (I will do a separate blog bost on this).
Pic of Nude Smokey Eye:

Pic of Full on black Smokey Eye and Glitter Smokey Eye:

Peaches Pigments:
Colours Left to Right: Wicked, Stella, Fierce, Hoochie and Wow.
First Impressions:
I think the loose shadows are fab, they are true to their colour and packed with pigment. I swatched them and just one swipe was very pigmented. I was impressed with the quality of these and with the colours I was given I definitely think they are wearable and I can create some beautiful looks with them.

Pros and cons:

Apart from pigments in general being messy (we all know they can get everywhere) I cant think of any cons as they blend like a dream and the colours are beautiful extremely wearable colours and very pigmented. I love the cute packaging too and cant wait to try the brushes next time I go!

The whole experience was great for me, I got to see their work in action and try their products so I know they work and look amazing. I also know a few tips and tricks and loved the Masterclass experience. I would say anyone who loves makeup or just wants to learn a bit more should give it a go and book a class with them. 
Products Peaches and Cream favour:
MAC Vanilla Pigment - used as base for shadow and highlighter
MAC Kid Eyeshadow
Loreal True Match Foundation
LancĂ´me Teint Idole/Teint Miracle Foundation
MAC Blot Powder
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer
Barry M Lipliners

Monday, 7 April 2014

H and m lip tints

H and M Lip Tint £2.99 available online here
H and M is one of my favourite shops on the high street for clothing, I love their basic range and their value is unbeatable. I started noticing more and more makeup appearing in the shop and thought for the price of it why not give it a go?? I picked two colours from the Lip Tints, a bright coral and a vibrant pink.
First Impressions:
WOW!!!!! These are amazing, so pigmented and true to their colour. They are definitely not a 'tint' more like a paint! They rival the OCC Lip Tars and the Sleek Pout Paints, I couldn't believe the quality of these! As soon as I swatched these I wanted to go back and pick up all the colours available. The finish is satin/matte once on the lips and extremely vibrant, they seem to stain your lips too and take ages to wear off - bonus!!

Pros and Cons:; cheap, extremely good product and beautiful bright colours! Go to your nearest H and M and pick them up! You wont be disappointed!


Wish I would have picked up more! I will be doing when im next in store or when I place an order online, I will be using these in my kit too, couldn't recommend these more I am so glad I bought them and cant wait till summer to wear them as they actually stain your lips too so they are very longlasting so no need to keep topping up your lippy!!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Maybelline baby skin

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer available online here
When it comes to primers I'm pretty obsessive! I can't ignore the latest primer especially if it's promise is 'baby skin'! I had to get this, although I had seen a few hit and miss reviews so was sceptical about its promise...

First impressions:
Packaging is cute and bright instantly caught my eye. The texture is like a lot of other silicone based primers, very smooth and silky. I applied this with my hands concentrating it in the areas where I have more pores. It applied easily, not sticky or greasy. My foundation looked great over the top of this. I couldn't say it created the look of 'baby skin' but my skin definitely looked smooth. The main reason I buy a primer is to make sure my makeup stays in place all day and my foundation applies more evenly and smoothly. I wore this on a typical day and found by lunchtime I did need to blot the oily areas on my skin and my face felt a little greasy.

Pros and cons:
Very affordable and readily available in boots and Superdrug. It definitely made my skin look smooth and a bit more perfected. Like I said before I did notice later on in the day I had greasy patches and my makeup was sliding a bit. I do have oily/combo skin so that's probably why. I would recommend this to anyone with normal combo skin, I have better primers but they are pricier so I guess for £7.99 and a drugstore primer you cant complain about the quality of it. I would use it again on days where I am working in the office, I wouldn't wear this for a night out though.

I will definitely use this for day to day use. I won't be using it for nights out when I want my makeup to last all night. I am happy I tried it and guess you get what you pay for and for something you can pick up in your local boots for less than a tenner it works!! I definitely felt it made my foundation apply better and this would last all day for someone with dryer or mature skin. 
Picture of me with makeup on after applying primer: